‘City X-Ray Clinic’ is committed to comply with the requirement of Quality management systems and continually improve the services by effectively implementing the systems throughout the organization.

  • Accuracy

    Main focus is on Accurate & Effective Reporting

  • Continuous Up

    Continuous Up gradations of Systems, techniques & Facilities

  • Continuous Training

    Committed to constantly upgrade the resources, be it the techniques or personnel by enriching them with the latest equipment’s and continuous on board training in various ways.

  • Proficiency Surveillance

    Critical supervision of all aspects of the center and its workflow.

We have various Quality Indicators which are continuously monitored to upgrade the systems and to maintain the accuracy and efficiency.

  • Regular Customer Feedback
  • Clinicians Feedback
  • Delayed Reports
  • Recalled Patients Log
  • Adverse reaction Log
  • Interobserver Log
  • TAT Monitoring

These indicators are quarterly monitored and analysis is done in Technical meeting to derive the final conclusion. These Quality Indicators are the foundation stones for the Quality System.o.