MRI Center in Delhi

CT scan center in Delhi

‘City X-Ray & Scan Clinic’ is serving people since 1993. It is the most reliable CT Scan center in West Delhi. It has two main branches in West Delhi along with five satellite centers. It is one stop destination that provides facilities of a pathology lab and radiology center. Almost all sorts of tests, health check-ups and investigations are performed here. Various tests are conducted using latest technology equipment to maintain high precision. You can view your reports online.

We are one of the best centers for CT scan investigation in Delhi. Here, at City X-Ray & Scan Clinic, We use “194 SLICES/S CT SCAN” machine. This machine was introduced by us first time in entire North West Delhi. This is the most advanced CT scanner. It takes much less time for whole body scan. Therefore, the patient is exposed to radiation for minimum duration. This gives best results for CT Coronary Angiography. This machine uses latest technology and hence generates 3-D reconstruction of the images. It is also comfortable for patient as it has a wide couch for patients to lie down. ‘City X-Ray & Scan Clinic’ is the best CT scan center in Delhi.

MRI diagnostic center

MRI diagnostic center in Delhi

We are known for the best MRI diagnostic in entire West Delhi. We have installed the latest machine for MRI scans. We are using “3 TESLA OPEN BORE MRI” machine which manufactured by highly renowned manufacturer named SIEMENS. This machine provides high-resolution images that cannot be achieved by any other MRI machines. For the patients who are advised to have Renal and Peripheral Angiography, there is no need of contrast anymore. This MRI scanner is best for Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography or MR Angiography. It has dedicated coils for knees and breast. It also supports Multi Voxel Spectroscopy for Breast, Brain and Prostate. Our best services make us the MRI diagnostic center in Delhi.

Radiology center in Delhi

Radiology center in Delhi

Our radiology service department provide imaging services with paramount care and dedication. Our qualified imaging staffs have many years of experience in many modalities like CT Scan, MRI, Ultra Sound, Angiography, BMD, MAMMOGRAPHY and Diagnostic Radiography. We offer a plethora of high-class radiology services coupled with careful attention to patient’s requests. Our well-equipped labs and careful staff help you feel comfortable here. Most of the diagnostic test takes 20 to 45 minutes and next day you will get the reports. Our experienced and cooperative staff well-equipped lab, latest work techniques make us the best in the industry.

‘City X-Ray & Scan Clinic’ is a multi-specialty Radiology center in Delhi. It has been serving people with the best service and reliable results since 1993. It provides facilities of all sorts of health check-ups and investigations. ‘City X-Ray & Scan Clinic’ is known for delivering reports on time, without any delay. You can now also view the test reports online. You need not come to the center again. We also provide the facility of collecting blood and urine sample from your residence. Your comfort and good health is our main motto.

Ultrasound Clinic in Delhi

Ultrasound Lab

Here, we use 4D ultrasound & color doppler machine for high resolution results and accurate disgnosis. We use highly advanced model named “Ultrasonographyon digital 4D Voluson E8 &Voluson E6” for ultrasound investigation. It is the first such equipment in entire West Delhi.

  • Gynae USG
  • Chest and Eye USG
  • Obstetric USG
  • USG thyroid, breast etc.
  • Transvaginal ultrasound.
  • Pediatric abdominal ultrasound services
  • Scrotal, testicular USG
  • Abdomen and pelvis USG