City X Ray & Scan Clinic (CXR) is an organization that is committed to providing doorstep Radiology & Pathology services to healthcare providers at an affordable cost.

Quality in Medical tests is an important issue.

To achieve this we have decided to provide quality testing at your doorstep

We also take care of sample logistics and ensure sample pick up, transportation and on special request provide phlebotomy (blood draw) facility.

We have installed state of the art software to enable transfer of X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI images to our location from your centres to provide you quality teleradiology reporting by  experienced and qualified team of radiologists.



Diagnostic support model

CXR reaches out to healthcare providers in the city and assesses their individual needs on the basis of their quality standards, service standards and infrastructure.

  • It offers services for sample pick ups at stipulated time from theit clinic /hospitals, provides training to their phlebotomy staff and on special request also may provide material like tubes, containers, syringes, for the same. Reports are provided online and hard copies delivered thereafter.
  • At few instances, we provide assistance for phlebotomy by providing phlebotomist on their site.
  • Teleradiology services are provided to healthcare providers who have the equipment but would not like to hire full time radiologists/experts for reporting.
  • We also provide ambulance service for your patients.

HLM (Hospital Lab Management) model

We have been successfully providing 24 hrs lab services to few 100 and over 100 bedded hospitals. At few places we provide both radiology and pathology services for the hospital.

Wellness model

CXR provides large number of holistic health packages at very affordable price. Free home collection is available, and physician consultation (video) is available to guide the patients regarding the interpretation of results.