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Guided FNAC and Biopsies

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Needle biopsies are often performed with the guidance of computed tomography (CT) and ultrasound. This modality has become a alternative to surgical exploration and biopsy. Needle biopsy is a reliable method of obtaining tissue samples that can help diagnose whether a nodule is benign (non-cancerous) or malignant.

In a biopsy, a small piece of tissue is removed using a biopsy gun or a bart needle which is inserted through the skin into the underlying lesion. The procedure is performed by expert radiologist/pathologist under the presence of a anesthesist and specialized nursing staff. Post procedure proper patient care is given . Recovery time is brief and patients can soon resume their usual activities. This tissue sample is then examined in the lab.

An ultrasound-guided breast biopsy uses sound waves to help locate a lump or abnormality and remove a tissue sample for examination under a microscope. It is less invasive than surgical biopsy, leaves little to no scarring and does not involve exposure to ionizing radiation.