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Covid 19 IgG Antibody Test

Covid 19 IgG antibody test is a quantitative exam to detect the IgG antibodies of SARS-CoV-2. A positive test result indicates the SARS-CoV-2 is present in the body while a negative test result indicates antibodies of the coronavirus are absent, thus indicating that immunity status has not been established. IgG antibody test for Covid 19 is Delhi is widely available. However, the report only shows positive after an incubation period of 8 to 13 days with a peak at about 21 days.

The antibody test screens for antibodies in the bloodstream. The body makes these antibodies when it battles an infection, such as coronavirus or Covid-19. That is how the human body builds immunity to any virus.

"The antibody test is also known as the serology test."

The test is not done to check for the virus. Rather, it looks into the immune system to see if you have built your defense against that particular virus – or your body has responded to that infection.

IgG (Immunoglobulin-G-Antibody) test is designed to detect antibodies of SARS-CoV-2 against viruses causing Covid-19. This is a blood sample test.

Antibodies are some proteins that the immune system produces in response to certain infections. These are specific to a particular infection.

What is the Difference between Antibody Test and Coronavirus Test?

The antibody test detects the presence of the virus at any given point in time even in the past. The virus may be gone or could be contagious.

The coronavirus test, however, is a diagnostic exam that looks for the active virus. It is much faster and simpler than the antibody test. It also detects the presence of the virus in the body at that particular time when you are tested.

Why is Covid 19 IgG Antibody Test Needed?

If you already have Covid 19, and you are aware of it, you must go for the test of the Covid 19 antibody. Not everyone develops symptoms. Experts believe that the antibody test could give medical experts a fair idea of the virus and how common it is.

Once scientists are aware of people having the virus, they can detect how sick people are due to the virus. Following this, scientists can study the effects on people who contract the virus again. Besides other scientific information, it also helps researchers recognize people who might have developed immunity to this virus.

Are Antibody Tests for Covid 19 in Delhi Accurate?

Companies have their claims about antibody tests and their accuracy. While some companies in Delhi claim that the test is 100? curate, others say that it is 95? curate. Government researchers, however, are still studying the results of this test, though it is too early.

Who Should Do the Covid 19 IgG Antibody Test?

If you are infected with covid 19, and you tested positive, and you recovered fully, you are the right candidate for the test.

How to do the Antibody Test?

An antibody test cannot be done at home. Your doctor guides you to do the test at a licensed lab or hospital or medical facility in Delhi. With the rising number of coronavirus cases in the country, it is most important to test for covid 19 IgG antibodies to determine the immunity level of individuals.

What do the Antibody Test Results Indicate?

If you already received a vaccine for Covid-19, the antibodies should show up in your blood sample.

If it does not show up, however, and you are tested positive for the antibodies of SARS CoV-2, it means you already have this virus. It is also likely that you might report a “false” positive in case the antibodies were already present but it was a different type of coronavirus.

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