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Molecular Lab

Services / Molecular Biology / Molecular Lab

City X Ray & Scan Clinic boasts of a state- of- art PCR lab with the latest instruments and well trained staff in these not- so- commonly- available tests.

The PCR lab, designed according to the available guidelines, has instruments approved for running PCR tests for clinical diagnosis of your disease. It is well equipped with both Real Time PCR instruments of global acclaim, ABI 7500, as well as conventional PCR. Our PCR lab has undergone NABL assessment and we are awaiting our accreditation any time now. Utmost care is taken to maintain and improve the quality of test results using our stringent Quality Assurance program.

Being a relatively advanced and specialized set of diagnostic tests, the technical staff working in our PCR lab are masters of this subject. Likewise, it is also headed by highly experienced doctors.

City X Ray proudly announces the introduction of PCR based tests for cancer markers in its ever widening menu of tests available.

Existing scope of tests

We are currently offering wide range of PCR and Real-Time PCR based tests which are

Quantitative Viral Testing

  • Hepatitis B Viral Load
  • Hepatitis C Viral Load
  • HIV Viral Load

Qualitative Pathogen Testing

  • MTB/NTM – Nested real-time PCR
  • HPV 16/18

We are also offering popular Tests like

  • HLA B27

And for ONCOLOGY segment we are offering:

  • BCR-ABL qualitative – detection of all three transcripts i.e. major, minor and micro
  • BCR-ABL quantitative – detection and quantitative is reporting of all three transcripts
  • Jak2 real-time PCR
  • PML-RaRa

Existing infrastructure

molecular lab - City XRay

Real-Time PCR – ABI 7500 system

"State of the art" ABI 7500 from Applied Biosciences, leaders &inventors of PCR

  • FDA approved for IVD use
  • Highly sensitive and specific test

High throughput for shortest turn around time

Real-Time PCR system TrueLab from MolBio

(for hands free operations)

molecular diagnostics laboratory - City XRay
molecular diagnostics - City XRay

Conventional PCR system from Biotron

TB PCR– It is the most specific and sensitive test for diagnosing tuberculosis. The lab runs these tests for both respiratory system as well as TB of all other parts of the body. Our testing kits include diagnosing both Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and Non tuberculous Mycobacteria. We run the test daily for your benefit of getting the report at the earliest.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) DNA PCR– Plenty of published studies has linked Human Papilloma Virus infection with cervical cancer in females. Among the many genotypes of this virus, few are directly related to the cancer. We do a screening of cervical samples by PCR to detect these high risk cancer causing genotypes. The test is also available as a package of two tests- HPV PCR and cervical sample cytology (PAP smear). The latter test helps to detect early changes of cervical cancer.

HIV qualitative and HIV quantitative PCR- HIV qualitative PCR detects the presence or absence of this virus in the blood. The other serum based tests of HIV detect antibodies to this virus. Development of antibodies takes some time, also known as the ‘window period’ where the serum based tests may be negative in spite of the presence of the virus in the blood. Since PCR directly detects the viral nucleic acid, this test may detect presence of the virus very early. HIV quantitative PCR gives an idea of the viral load in the patient’s blood that aids in knowing the response of anti retroviral treatment.

HBV qualitative and HBV quantitative PCR- Hepatitis B virus (HBV) qualitative PCR also detects the nucleic acid of the virus directly, thus giving an idea of presence or absence of the virus in the blood, even when the antibodies against the virus are not detectable. HBV quantitative PCR helps in deciding when to start the treatment and to track the response to treatment.

HCV qualitative and HCV quantitative PCR– Hepatitis C virus (HCV) qualitative PCR is used to aid in diagnosing the HCV infection in the patient when serology tests indicate so. HCV quantitative PCR helps in getting the viral load in the blood and aids in treatment of the infection.

HLA B27 PCR- This test helps in making a diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis in cases of patients complaining of joint pains. People having clinical symptoms and signs of ankylosing spondylitis are screened by this test to detect presence or absence of HLA B 27 in their genes. The presence of HLA B 27 allele has a strong association with this disorder along with few other Rheumatoid conditions.


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