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 orthopantomogram - CXR

What is OPG : Digital orthopantomogram ?

Orthopentomograms and cephalograms are types of dental X-rays.

An OPG produces a panoramic view of the jaw whilst a cephalogram is an x-ray of the facial structures. A lateral cephalogram produces a side profile image of the face, jaws and soft tissues to assess the relation of the teeth to the jaws, the jaws to the skull, and the relation of the soft tissues to the teeth and jaws.

Dental professionals often require a panoramic image of a patient’s entire upper and lower jaw. The process of taking multiple x-ray photographs of the mouth area to produce a single image for diagnoses is called OPG dental (Orthopantomogram). OPG dental images display all teeth in a single frame facilitating wider diagnoses of the jaw, teeth and soft tissue for a more robust diagnoses.

How is the image produced ?

The panoramic image is produced by means of the equipment moving around the patient, typically covering 180-200 degrees in rotation. OPG dental images may be digital or film type, though dental professionals increasingly prefer digital format for its higher resolution.

The key advantage today of using digital imaging is that it permits greater latitude: there is a lower error rate meaning fewer repeat scans.

Use of OPG ?

  • Examination of impacted teeth
  • Locating potential causes of dental pain
  • Diagnoses concerning the bone structure of the temporomandibular joint or the entire jaw
  • Examining the pattern of both non-surfaced and surfaced teeth in adults and children
  • Fractures to bone and teeth
  • Assessment for the placement of dental implants
digital dental xray - CXR

What are the benefits of a dental x-ray

Dental x-rays are quick, painless, and expose the patient to a minimal amount of low-level radiation, whilst providing invaluable information to Dentists, Orthodontists and alike.

opg x ray – City XRay

Preparation for a dental x-ray

There are no special requirements before a dental x-ray.

What to wear for a dental x-ray

You can wear your normal clothes, but you will need to remove any jewellery, eyewear or other metallic accessories or implants around your upper body as these will show up on x-rays and may obscure important structures.


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