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Microbiology & Serology

Services / Pathology / Microbiology & Serology


Since the day of inception, our Microbiology and Serology laboratory has progressed multifold, not just in terms of the quantity and quality of work but also in terms of acquiring the best instruments of global repute. Ours is a BioSafety level -3 lab. Both the sections have dedicated staff well trained in their work. The staff is committed towards quality assurance of every report and stringently follows the quality assurance program of the lab. The entire work is supervised by dedicated consultant Microbiologists. The test menu of Micro & Ser lab is very large and most of the tests are included under NABL scope.

The various tests done by this lab are broadly categorized as follows:


The lab accepts all samples for microscopy based tests like Gram’s stain, ZN stain, Albert’s stain, India ink examination, KOH preparation for fungus, etc.


After culture of the sample type is positive, the growth is followed for identification of bacterial isolate and its antibiotic sensitivity using VITEK 2 compact, an automated system of repute from BIOMERIEUX.

Due to automation in culture test, we have been able to diagnose infections with few very rare organisms and provide accurate sensitivity.

We boast of having two automated blood culture systems from different companies- BACTEC 9050 (B.D.) and BacT/ALERT 3D (BIOMERIEUX), so that any blood culture sample bottle can be processed. Apart from that, all the possible samples for bacterial culture are processed and reported by the lab.


TB culture (AFB culture) is the gold standard method for TB diagnosis.

Samples for rapid tuberculosis (T.B.) culture are processed in a separate dedicated T.B. culture lab using another automated instrument MGIT from B.D. Both MTB complex and NTM’s are reported by the lab.

Sensitivity to drugs is also done against the TB Culture.


All types of samples are accepted for fungal culture including skin scraping, nail clipping and hair. Unlike majority of labs, we give identification and antifungal sensitivity also for Yeast and Yeast like fungal isolates.


The lab boasts of having a wide range of serology based tests being done here. The samples are processed by rapid cards, ELISA and on automated Enhanced Chemiluminescence (ECI) systems (VITROS, Orthoclinica Diagnostics, IMMULITE, Siemens diagnostics) depending on the test requested.

The microbiology and serology lab tests are NABL accredited and quality checks are done at every step from sample processing till reporting. We are a regular participant of external quality assurance programmes, including IAMM EQAS, with outstanding performance.

The lab also participates in clinical researches and trials and has also assisted few thesis studies related to the subject with PhD students.


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