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Fibro Scan

Examination with Fibro Scan, also called transient elastography, is a technique used to assess liver stiffness (measured in kPa correlated to fibrosis) without invasive investigation. The result is immediate; it shows the condition of the liver and allows physicians to diagnose and monitor disease evolution in conjunction with treatment and collateral factors. Exam results help to anticipate various complications, as well as to monitor and assess the damage caused by conditions such as cirrhosis. The Fibro Scan examination is painless, quick and easy. During measurement, you feel a slight vibration on the skin at the tip of the probe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fibro Scan is proven technology used for non-invasive examinations of liver. It works by emitting a small pulse of energy, called a shear wave, which will feel like a light tap on your skin. Fibro Scan calculates the speed of this energy as it travels through your liver and translates that speed with two scores that your care provider will use to determine the overall health of stiffness, the second approximates liver fat. The combination of these scores gives a better understanding of your livers overall health and how it changes over time with lifestyle or medical intervention.
  • Liver inflammation ( hepatitis)
  • Cholestasis (eg. Biliary obstruction)
  • Mass lesions within the liver (eg.tumour)
  • Liver congestion (eg.heart failure)

Seen more frequently in following patients

  • Obesity (BMI> 30-35kg/m2)
  • Older Age
  • Presence of ascites
  • Features of the metabolic syndrome (type 2 diabetes, hypertension, increased waist circumference)
GI doctors usually address disorders of the liver and might recommend a Fibro Scan analysis for patients with evidence of mild to advanced liver conditions. A gastroenterology specialist may advise Fibro Scan procedures for patients who demonstrate at least one indication of liver disease or injury, such as:
  • Numerous forms of hepatitis
  • Severe liver fibrotic scarring (cirrhosis)
  • Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Syndrome X


A painless exam performed in less than 10 minutes to provide immediate results at the point-of-care.


Can be performed by any trained operator (physician, nurse).

Best in Class

The non-invasive gold standard solution validated by 2,400+ peer-reviewed publications and 60+ international guidelines.


Standardized examination with exceptional precision and reproducibility that can be utilized in 99% of patients.


Equipped with patented technology and proprietary algorithms to deliver consistently accurate results.

  • Pioneer in the field of liver elastography.
  • FibroScan produces biomarkers that can assess and monitor patients over time.
  • FibroScan uses uniform algorithms that minimize inter-operator variability and eliminate inter-system variability.
  • You lie on your back, with your right arm raised behind your head. Physician applies a water-based gel to the skin and places the probe with a slight pressure.
  • The examination includes 10 consecutive measurements made at the same location.
  • The result is delivered at the end of the examination; it’s a number which can vary from 1.5 to 75 kPa. Your doctor will interpret the result.
Your physician interprets the result according to your history and underlying disease.
Your physician or hepatologist will indicate the most appropriate time for you to have the examination.
  • Fibroscan provides immediate results, it’s easy and fast (5-10 minutes).
  • The exam is painless and non-invasive.
  • In case of close follow-up, the examination can be safely repeated.


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