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Penile Doppler Ultrasound

Penile Doppler Ultrasound is a procedure that is used to predict the response of your erectile dysfunction (ED) to vasodilation medications that enhance blood flow to the penis. It also allows the urologist to determine and document if you have an inflow or outflow type of erectile dysfunction.

Penile Doppler is an Ultrasound test of the blood vessels.

Patient should be relaxed during the test. If he is too anxious, the test report will not come accurate.

Patient lays flat on the bed and then ultrasound is done without any injection.

Penile Doppler ultrasound is a safe procedure in evaluating erectile dysfunction. The incidence of priapism, which is the most important complication of this procedure, is low and can be managed successfully with conservative approaches.

When to do Penile Doppler test?

This is a test done to diagnose the cause of ED. It should be done in all patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, specially if patient is less than 40 years and suffering from ED.

Is penile Doppler test safe?

  • Penile Doppler test is very safe. There is no major risk.
  • There is no risk of bleeding or infection. There is no problem in erection or urination or having baby in future.

Is Penile Doppler test painful?

Penile Doppler test is not painful. Penile Doppler test is basically an ultrasound of the penis so there is no pain during the procedure. The only painful aspect is giving the injection of papaverine into the penis, which is done through a small needle. But the needle is very thin just like a very-very small pin (24gauge or 26 gauge) so it is not painful to get the injection.

Why choose City X Ray and scan Clinic for Penile Doppler test in Delhi?

This is one of the few centres where penile Doppler test is done in close coordination with the urologist. Sometimes after penile Doppler test patient develops priapism (prolonged erection) so if patient has done a Penile Doppler in a diagnostic centre then there is no urologist there to take care of the patient.

But at City X-Ray & Scan Clinic, Penile Doppler test is done in close coordination with our Urologist. We keep the patient in our centre till the erection goes away and if there is any problem, then care is taken of that problem. So, if you are planning for a Penile Doppler test in Delhi, as per your doctor, always consider City X Ray & Scan Clinic, Delhi, India.


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