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The Brand

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City X-Ray & Scan Clinic has been one of the renowned private Diagnostic set up in Delhi since last over three decades. It covers a complete range of diagnostic investigations for Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology & Neurology departments – all under one roof.

Our brand, named the City X-Ray & Scan Clinic, has become synonymous with trust, transparency and reliability in the field of diagnostics. We believe that high-quality and accurate diagnostics are important for effective patient care and treatment. And therefore, we envisioned setting the best industry standards in diagnostic services.

We excel in providing affordable medical diagnostic services with utmost care and professionalism. From science to compassion, we have travelled a long journey in ensuring improved health and wellbeing for all. Our NABL and NABH-certified facilities are designed to deliver improved accuracy in medical tests and with a faster turnaround time. At the same time, our brand has been continuously focusing on combining high quality with cost-efficiency and to facilitate improved healthcare and better treatment through timely and accurate diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic data. To create an amicable and supportive work environment that focuses on improved collaboration, care and productivity. To encourage and empower our people to realise their full potential.

We are honest. We are committed. We are compassionate. We are willing to go the extra mile. We are City X-Ray and Scan clinic. The Diagnosis Specialist


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a premier healthcare diagnostic service provider in our community, continuously striving to deliver the best in patient care, service excellence and world-class technology. We envision being a trusted medical diagnostic partner, impacting lives and empowering health.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality, timely and innovative healthcare diagnostic services with the utmost expertise, compassion and transparency. By providing quality and affordable diagnostic services, we strive to earn the trust of our patrons and ensure the advice and care they need.


Promising Good Health For All

City X-Ray & Scan Clinic is a well-recognized brand, delivering quality and reliable diagnostic services since 1993.

City X-Ray & Scan Clinic was born with one mission – to provide high-quality care in healthcare diagnostics. And with this commitment, we have touched billions of lives and promise to broaden our reach further. Starting its journey in 1993, we have been constantly working towards taking our diagnostic centre to newer heights.

We have three high-tech hubs in Tilak Nagar, Vikas Puri and Dwarka – spreading our network to provide high-quality and affordable healthcare diagnostic services to all. Being in the industry for almost three decades, we offer a comprehensive suite of clinical laboratory profiles and tests. We ensure high levels of accuracy in reporting which can be used for diagnostic screening, early detection, prediction, and analytical services.

Driven by a Passionate Team

City X-Ray & Scan Clinic is a brand powered by some of the most robust and intelligent minds in the field of diagnostic healthcare. Our people are our biggest strengths, helping us traverse the journey that we are on today. Having extensive industry experience, our team leads us to deliver top-notch clinical laboratory services.

Latest Technologies, Accurate Test Results

Our brand believes that accurate diagnosis begins with knowledge and investment in modern technologies. With this in mind, we use the most advanced devices that can perform different types of tests with utmost precision and safety.
We combine our new generation diagnostic instruments with high levels of expertise of our technicians and medical practitioners. This enables us to set a high benchmark for accuracy and reliability of our test results.

Our diagnostic centre specialises in a wide range of laboratory tests that include:

  • ✔ Radiology
  • ✔ Cardiology
  • ✔ Dental radiology
  • ✔ Pathology
  • ✔ Neurophysiology
  • ✔ Molecular biology
  • ✔ Nuclear scans

Different test combinations and profiles that we use are most effective for health screening and overall wellbeing.

We conduct all our diagnostic operations through our fully-automated laboratories and state-of-the-art centres. At the same time, we focus on continuously upgrading our technologies and embracing innovations. Our laboratories conform to the latest industry standards and are fully accredited. This helps establish our patients’ trust in the accuracy of our test results.