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Best Health Checkup Packages at Affordable Prices in Delhi

Is indigestion keeping you awake at night? Is frequent fever taking a toll on your overall health? Feel shortness of breath or dizziness after a few miles of walking? Such symptoms, if ignored, may lead to major health problems. Therefore, regular health checkup is necessary for accurate diagnosis that can help guide the treatment process.

City X-Ray & Scan Clinic is Delhi’s leading diagnostic centre, providing comprehensive health checkup packages at an affordable price. We are acclaimed for our world-class technology, state-of-the-art facilities, fast & accurate results and over 29 years of excellence in diagnostic services. This enables us to provide tailored health checkup solutions that meet the unique medical needs of our patients.

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Preventive Health Checkup Packages with City X-Ray & Scan Clinic

At City X-Ray & Scan Clinic, we believe that the health of you and your beloved ones is the most precious in this life. Therefore, proper diagnosis and care are important to prevent the onset of illness and diseases. Our preventive health checkup packages help build a strong shield that secures your health through effective and timely diagnosis.

Thanks to advanced healthcare technologies, diseases that were earlier considered life-threatening can now be cured, provided it is diagnosed at an early stage. Regular checkups can help evaluate your health thoroughly, detect potential health conditions and give you complete peace of mind. Our primary objective is to help identify and treat a wide range of diseases before they become detrimental to your health.

We recommend whole body checkup for people who have poor or irregular food habits, high-stress lifestyles, long working hours or are at a high risk of certain diseases. A timely checkup can help evaluate your health condition, monitor early symptoms and diagnose a wide range of diseases that may be detrimental if left untreated.

Early diagnosis through our healthcare packages can help guide the treatment process and cure. It can also help reduce your medical expenses in treating diseases that become life-threatening in the long run.

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Types of Health Checkups We Specialise in

We are an award-winning diagnostic centre with over 29 years of excellence in high-quality medical diagnostics and patient care. Understanding the unique healthcare needs of our patients, we have tailored a wide range of packages that include:

  • Full Body Checkup: The advanced annual full body checkup comprises 50+ tests, catering to different parts of the body and health conditions. You can also book our basic full-body checkup package that includes 30+ tests.
  • Customised Health Packages: If you are at a risk of certain health condition or your doctor suspects the early symptoms to be of a common disease, our customised health packages are most suitable. The packages can be tailored depending on your medical needs and the health condition to be diagnosed.

When it comes to reliable full-body checkup near me, we ensure certified doctors & technicians, advanced diagnostic procedures, fast & accurate reporting, and home sample collection.

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