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1.5 Tesla MRI

Advanced MRI Scanning for Effective Diagnosis and Better Treatment

City X Ray & Scan Clinic is reckoned as one of the best MRI scanning centres in Delhi. We have been in the industry for decades, leveraging the most advanced technologies in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. For accurate diagnostic imaging, we use a 1.5 Tesla MRI scan that aids in precisely identifying abnormalities of the spine, brain, heart or other organs.

We are among the pioneers to use this MRI technology which stands out over traditional MRI scanners in terms of speed, efficiency, and imaging. With us, be assured of accurate reporting, better diagnosis and effective treatment.

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State-of-the-art Medical Imaging at Best Price in India

At City X Ray & Scan Clinic, we use a cutting-edge 1.5 MAGNETOM Sempra MRI scanner by Siemens Heathineers. By creating a strong magnetic field, the device captures point-by-point images of your body’s internal organs. High-resolution images enable having a clear view of the part being scanned, aiding in efficient diagnosis.

It is one of the fastest MRI scanners in the industry, ensuring a short scan time. Additionally, low gradient noise makes the patient feel safe and relaxed when inside the scanner. Our 1.5 Tesla MRI scanning procedure is 100% safe and non-invasive, ensuring high-quality diagnostic imaging.

The new device offers excellent clarity and details while providing a large viewing field to make the patient feel comfortable. The unique 70 cm open-bore design of the scanner can easily accommodate patients of any size, shape or condition. The device is airier and more comfortable which helps reduce stress, minimise sedation rate and ensure higher throughput. It also creates longer sequences that significantly enhance the quality of images.

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Purpose of Doing a 1.5 Tesla MRI Scan

There are several health conditions and anomalies that our state-of-the-art MRI scanner can help detect. When you visit our diagnostic centre to get an MRI done, our expert radiologists will first evaluate your health condition and then recommend the right medical imaging procedure. Through high-quality MRI scans done at our centre, we can help diagnose a range of complex health conditions such as:

  • Spinal and brain defects
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Joint and bone defects
  • Blood vessel and heart disorders
  • Internal ear and eye problems
  • Breast cancer
  • Complications with internal organs

Depending on the person who needs MRI imaging, the part of the body to be scanned and the complexity of the procedure, we decide the strength of the magnetic field – 1.5 Tesla or 3 Tesla.

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Why Choose City X Ray & Scan Clinic For 1.5 Tesla MRI Near Me?

We are here to provide top-notch MRI services, combined with dedicated care and cutting-edge technology to serve our patients in the best possible way.

  • High-quality imaging procedure: By continuously adopting the latest technologies in MRI, we strive to maintain the consistency and quality of our services.
  • Trained staff: Our team comprises highly experienced radiologists and trained technicians who leave no stone unturned to perform the scan efficiently and provide accurate results.
  • Personalised approach: Our focus is to value the opinions of our patients and provide dedicated care for all.
  • Prompt service: We do not compromise the health of our patients. Therefore, we strive to deliver precise MRI reports on time and at an affordable 1.5T MRI scan price.
  • Safety is our priority: We maintain the highest standards of safety to ensure better hygiene, infection control and patient care.

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