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City X Ray & Scan Clinic is a top-tier diagnostic centre in Delhi, embracing the latest clinical capabilities with 3 Tesla MRI scan. We are among the pioneers in using advanced MRI scanning technology, ensuring exceptional efficiency, accurate imaging and speed.

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What is a 3 Tesla MRI Scan?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive imaging procedure that uses electromagnetic fields to capture high-quality images of the internal organs. It helps diagnose an underlying health condition or monitor how a treatment plan is working.

The strength of this magnetic field is measured in Tesla (T). Typically, MRI scanners are of 1.5 Tesla. However, City X Ray & Scan Clinic leverages the most advanced 3T Magentom Skyra that has set new standards in the field of diagnostic imaging. The magnetic field that the scanner produces has 15x more strength than 1.5 Tesla machines, capturing MRI signals to the closest possible.

This means improved image quality, faster scanning time, extreme comfort for patients, and reduced noise. Additionally, we have unmatched technological capabilities in 3T MRI scan, aiding in better diagnosis and effective treatment.

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What Can 3T MRI Scan Help Diagnose?

3 Tesla MRI is used as an effective diagnostic tool in healthcare imaging that can supplement ultrasonography and CT scan in detecting various health conditions. The procedure is used to:

  • Visualise most parts of the body, including the head, lungs, pelvis bones, blood vessels, joints spine, abdomen, etc.
  • Detect various spine problems such as protrusion, disc bulge, or space that is occupying a lesion in the spine
  • Identify abnormalities in the spinal cord, brain, or other parts of the body
  • Detect the location of the blood clot, infection or tumour in the brain or other areas of the body
  • Assess the reasons that are causing pelvic pain in women
  • Identify potential diseases of the liver, lungs, small intestine, or other parts of the body
  • Diagnose and monitor health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, etc.
  • Guide treatment procedures such as radiation therapy, biopsy or surgery
  • Find the risk factor of women regarding uterine abnormalities

If your doctor has suggested getting a 3 Tesla MRI, consult City X Ray & Scan Clinic for best-in-class services and affordable pricing.

Benefits of Our 3T MRI Scan

We are a leading diagnostic centre in Delhi, using the latest MRI scanning technology that ensures a broad range of benefits:

  • Improved image clarity which can help improve diagnosis of the spine, brain, and musculoskeletal system
  • Helps localise the affected area precisely, enabling better mapping of bodily functions over 90% of the time
  • An enhanced dimensional resolution that helps achieve high-quality imaging of the blood vessels and other parts of the body
  • A painless, non-invasive diagnostic imaging technique that does not use hazardous radiations

How does City X Ray & Scan Clinic Provide Care?

Radiologists at City X Ray & Scan Clinic work closely with neurologists, orthopaedics and medical specialists to provide the highest standards of care to all patients. The procedure is performed with utmost care and efficiency, ensuring the patient feels comfortable during the process. Ambient room, wide MR tunnel, audio-visual systems, and highly qualified technicians make 3T MRI scan safe, convenient, and hassle-free.

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How is the 3T MRI Scan Performed at City X Ray & Clinic?

The procedure of 3 Tesla MRIs is similar to a normal MRI scan. You will be changed into a gown before the procedure, check for any metallic objects before the entry room, If any pacemaker is implanted please inform and slid inside the MRI machine. When you are in, the 3T MRI machine will create strong magnetic fields as compared to a normal MRI scan. The machines will pick up the signals and send the same to a computer to accurately process the images.

The radiologist will capture the images from different angles and continuously communicate with the person to give instructions and make them feel comfortable. It is our personalised approach towards each patient that makes us a trusted choice for 3 Tesla MRI near me.

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