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Colour Doppler

Medical diagnostics have come a long way, helping identify a wide range of health conditions and diseases. And a colour doppler test is one of the best examples of how technology has evolved in the field of diagnosis and healthcare. It is a non-invasive ultrasound procedure that captures high-quality images of your blood vessels and superimposes them with colours to show in which direction and at what speed the blood is flowing in the vessels.

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What is a Colour Doppler Test?

Colour doppler is an ultrasound technology that provides in-depth visualisation of how blood moves through your veins and arteries. The procedure combines conventional ultrasound with advanced doppler ultrasonography and uses colour processing to superimpose the images and make them clearer.

In traditional ultrasound procedures, sound waves reflect from your blood vessels and create images. However, doppler studies how sound waves reflect from moving objects, for instance, blood. The use of different colours makes the images more prominent and also shows the flow and direction of blood.

Any irregularity in the images may indicate a blockage or blood clot. Your doctor will evaluate the result and determine the right treatment plan for you.

Purpose of a Color Doppler Test

Your doctor may recommend getting a colour doppler test to:

  • Identify health conditions that may be affecting blood vessels in your arms, legs or abdomen
  • Check if blood is flowing optimally in your arteries, veins and hearts
  • Detect a bulge in the arteries which is also known as an aneurysm
  • Diagnose blood flow problems in the kidney, liver, pancreas and spleen
  • Identify narrowing of arteries
  • Check your blood flow, speed and direction after you get certain treatments or have a surgery

A color doppler ultrasound in pregnancy is also done to monitor blood flow between the woman and her unborn child.

When you take a colour doppler test near me at City X-ray & Scan Clinic, there are different types of health conditions that we help diagnose. These include:

  • Blood clots or conditions of deep vein thrombosis
  • Narrowed veins and arteries
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Injuries in the blood vessels
  • Tumour in your blood vessels
  • A congenital defect or problem with the heart valve
  • Aortic aneurysm of the abdomen
  • Renal vascular problems which are primarily caused due to hypertension

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How is the Color Doppler Ultrasound Test Performed?

During the procedure, you will need to lie down on a table and our technician will apply a gel to the area that needs to be tested. He will then gently press an ultrasound transducer against the area to be tested and move it as required for the examination. The transducer sends high-frequency sound waves, causing a change of pitch when these sound waves capture the movement of red blood cells.

The ultrasound computer device will record these changes into sound waves and then convert them into images, using different colours to show the blood flow. It is a non-invasive procedure and is 100% safe because it does not involve any kind of radiation.

Why is a Doppler Test Done during Pregnancy?

Your gynaecologist may suggest taking a color doppler test during pregnancy to monitor the blood flow to the unborn baby. The procedure is usually performed if the foetus is smaller in size than it should be at that stage of pregnancy. In some cases, your doctor may recommend it if you have certain health problems like sickle cell disease or preeclampsia. Such conditions require taking a doppler test to help evaluate the unborn baby’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is the colour doppler test safe?

Ans: When you take a colour doppler test near me at City X-Ray & Scan Clinic, you can be assured that the test is 100% non-invasive and safe. It does not involve radiation; rather, it uses sound waves to capture images of how blood flows through the vessels. Additionally, it is painless and does not require injecting a dye for x-ray imaging. It does not have any side effects.

Q.2 Is it safe during pregnancy?

Ans: Using a color doppler test during pregnancy is safe as it is performed by trained and certified professionals.

Q.3 Do I need any special preparation for the test?

Ans: Depending on the part of the body being examined, you may need to fast for a few hours before the test. You should also avoid consuming nicotine or alcohol at least 2 hours before the procedure because it may narrow the blood vessels.

Q.4 What is the color doppler ultrasound price in Delhi?

Ans: The colour doppler test cost may vary depending on the area of the body being examined or the medical condition. Typically, the colour doppler test price in Delhi starts from INR 1350/-

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