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Dental problems are rising at an alarming rate in India, primarily due to poor oral care, eating habits and lifestyle. On an average, 80-90% of adults have dental cavities, followed by misaligned teeth. Unfortunately, most of them do not pay regular visits to their dentists.
If you have dental problems or are experiencing symptoms of poor oral health, then get a dental x-ray in Delhi right away. City X Ray & Scan Clinic is a leading diagnostic centre, specialising in high-quality, accurate and reliable dental x-ray.

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Why You Should Definitely Get a Dental X-Ray Done?

Radiographs, or x-ray, are an integral component of an effective dental care plan. It is a diagnostic procedure that helps detect potential dental care problems at an early stage before they cause major health implications. A dental CT scan or an x-ray is also a preventive measure that can help reduce the risk of oral problems.

City X ray & Scan Clinic is a proponent of proper oral hygiene and dental care, providing advanced and reliable dental diagnostic examinations. Get in touch with us for the best dental x ray cost in Delhi. Here’s how a dental x-ray can help:

  • Helps diagnose oral problems that cannot be otherwise detected with a visual examination
  • Assess the health of your bones around the teeth
  • Examine the tooth roots
  • Detect the risks of periodontal diseases
  • Monitor teeth and mouth injuries
  • Check if there are extra teeth or missing teeth
  • Make preparations before an orthodontic treatment or getting braces
  • Ensure optimum oral health through preventive measures
  • Diagnose teeth bone infections or diseases, developmental anomalies, cysts, abscesses, tumours, etc.

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Types of Dental X-Rays We Specialise in

At City X Ray & Scan Clinic, we specialise in most types of dental x-rays. However, there are three types of dental imaging where we stand out. These include:

  • Panoramic: This x-ray testing is done to provide a complete image of the entire mouth. This helps in better diagnosis of oral health problems if any.
  • 2D digital imaging: 2-dimensional digital dental imaging is more precise and efficient, sending the images directly to a computer system. This enables our dental radiologists to enlarge or enhance the images and better diagnose a dental problem.
  • 3D dental scan: This involves a dental CT scan that uses a three-dimensional view of your oral condition, including the teeth, gums and jaws. A 3D dental scan is the most advanced imaging technology available today to diagnose various dental conditions.

In addition to these, we also specialise in cephalometric imaging.

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How Frequently Do You Need a Dental X-ray?

Oral health and lifestyle vary from one person to another – and this is an important factor in determining how often you need a dental x-ray. If you have been diagnosed with a dental or gum disease, you would need an x-ray every 6 months.

If you do not have any ongoing dental condition, you still need to get imaging done at least once every year. Regular dental care is a necessity, not a choice. So, make sure you visit our dental imaging centre and get the test done regularly.

Why Choose Us for Dental X-Ray in Delhi?

Looking for a “dental scan near me”? Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We use the most effective and safest dental x-ray technique
  • Our team ensures minimum exposure to radiation during the scan, so you can have complete peace of mind
  • We use digital x-ray technology that allows capturing highly accurate images and sharing the report instantly to your dentist
  • Get high levels of patient care and affordable dental x-ray cost in Delhi

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