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At the City X-Ray Clinic in Delhi, we offer comprehensive information about DMSA scan price. The DMSA scan is a type of imaging test. The DMSA test at our centre assesses the location and function of the kidneys.

The main objective of this imaging test is to determine the working mechanism of the kidneys. Dimercaptosuccinic acid scan or DMSA scan is an invasive procedure. In this procedure, our radiologists will inject 2-4 mCi of radioisotope intravenously.

This test is typically done in kids to assess the shape, size, and functioning of their renal system. The DMSA scan is suitable for diagnosing urinary tract infections. City X-Ray Clinic specialises in expertly conducting the DMSA scan in children. Get more details about this imaging test by contacting us.

Essential Things to know about the DMSA Renal Scan

At City X-Ray Clinic, we believe in offering complete information to our patients. Before bringing your child to our centre for the DMSA scan, here are some aspects you should know.

  • It is a nuclear medicine test that produces complete images of the kidneys
  • Customary to its name, the nuclear medicine test relies on a small amount of radioisotope
  • We use clinically-certified radioisotopes that are safe and won’t hurt your child
  • The DMSA scan at our centre doesn’t hurt much
  • Most children can lie quietly during the test
  • We strongly recommend parents to be at their child’s side during the test

We have our own supervising paediatric radiology doctor to ensure that your child stays comfortable during the procedure.

DMSA Scan near me and its Working Mechanism at our Centre

The DMSA scan is a radionuclide scan. A radionuclide, also known as a radioisotope, emits gamma rays. During these tests, we inject a tiny amount of radioisotope into your child’s body. The radioisotope is coupled to another substance.

The role of this substance is to take a radioisotope to the kidneys. In the DMSA scan, Dimercaptosuccinic acid is used as it develops in the kidneys. The most active cells in the kidney will absorb DMSA more. In other words, the active cells of the kidney will emit more gamma rays.

Similar to X-Rays, the gamma camera detects the gamma rays. Our advanced gamma cameras can convert the gamma rays into electrical signals. We have specialised computers for the DMSA scan. These computers interpret and analyse the gamma signals and develop images of the kidneys. You can search with DMSA scan near me to discover our clinic.

The Role of a Parent at our Clinic during the DMSA Scan in Delhi

At City X-Ray Clinic, we welcome your support and help during this imaging test. Our technicians are well-adept in managing children during the procedure.

However, we will always appreciate your cooperation. Note that there is no risk of radiation leaks during the procedure. Therefore, we allow at least one parent to be with their child. Here are the roles of a parent during the DMSA scan

  • Your most necessary responsibility is to soothe your child.
  • It is essential that your kid stays calm during the actual test.
  • Stay with your child in the diagnosis room.
  • During the insertion of the needle, you should calm your child.
  • If your kid receives sedation during the DMSA scan in Delhi, take your child to the waiting area.

What Conditions can a DMSA Scan Detect?

The DMSA scan kidney can help with the detection of the following conditions.

  • Infarction
  • Horseshoe kidney
  • Acute renal failure
  • Trauma
  • Renal ectopia
  • Dysplastic kidneys
  • Trauma

Preparing your Child for the DMSA Scan- Things you should know

Note that there is no special preparation your child needs for this test. Our radiologists and technicians can manage your child effectively during the procedure. Here are a few things to note before your child undergoes the DMSA nuclear scan.

  • Explain your child briefly about the procedure so that they can stay calm
  • Bring your child’s favourite toys or books to use during waiting times
  • You should schedule your day as this test takes time

For more details on the DMSA test price, consult with us.

The radioisotope injected intravenously will be eliminated from your child’s body through urine. Therefore, you should make sure that your child drinks a lot of fluids. At City X-Ray Clinic, we issue the reports on the same or the next day.

The radioisotope injected into your child typically becomes inactive after a few hours. And if your child didn’t receive radiation, no special follow-up care is required. The DMSA scan doesn’t affect the colour of the urine. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the DMSA scan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long is the DMSA Scan?

The DMSA scan takes time. In most cases, the test usually takes two to three hours to complete.

Q2. Should the Child Fast before a DMSA Scan?

Note that there is no need to fast for undergoing a DMSA scan. Ensure that your child stays hydrated before undergoing the procedure.

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