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You can now undergo the best and most accurate parathyroid nuclear scan at City X-Ray Clinic in Delhi. A parathyroid nuclear scan is suitable to assess the underlying issues involving the parathyroid glands. The parathyroid glands are the four small hormonal glands located at the back of the thyroid gland.

During the parathyroid scan, we use technetium-99m sestamibi radioisotope. If you have a hyperactive gland, the gamma camera used during the procedure will be able to detect it. In most cases, your healthcare practitioner would use this imaging test as a pre-surgery tool.

If you have hyperparathyroidism, undergoing this diagnostic scanning procedure is suitable. Doctors may order this test if the need arises to remove your overactive parathyroid glands. For relevant details about the parathyroid scan procedure, seek an appointment with us.

Overview of the Parathyroid Test in Delhi at our Centre

At City X-Ray Clinic, our parathyroid scan is a safe and painless imaging procedure. The main objective of this test is to recognise the location of one or more overreactive parathyroid glands. In some individuals, the parathyroid glands can be located along the oesophagus.

These are referred to as ectopic parathyroid glands. The primary function of the parathyroid glands is to control the amount of calcium in your blood. It also regulates the total concentration of calcium within the bones.

The parathyroid glands are an integral part of your endocrine system. At times, one or more parathyroid glands can become overreactive. Due to their overreaction, the calcium levels in your blood can rise. You can reach out to us for complete details about the parathyroid test cost.

The Generally Accepted Indications for Undergoing a Parathyroid Nuclear Imaging Scan

City X-Ray Clinic is the top diagnostic centre that offers advanced parathyroid nuclear imaging scans. Here are the indications of the parathyroid scan using nuclear medicine.

  • Localisation of the Parathyroid Adenomas

 It is usually a preoperative assessment. This preoperative assessment can confirm or exclude a parathyroid adenoma in patients with overreactive glands.

  • Localisation of the Persisting Parathyroid Tissue

The preoperative localisation of the active parathyroid tissue will increase the success of surgical procedures. It helps to direct the surgical approach in the right direction.

You can consult with us to learn about the parathyroid test cost.

Things to Expect during the Parathyroid Nuclear Imaging Scan

At City X-Ray Clinic, a registered and certified nuclear medicine technologist will conduct your examination. If you have any queries related to the procedure, we will sort them out. During the procedure, we will ask you to lie down on the scanning table.

Note that you will have to lie on your back with a roll of sponge under your shoulders. We will inject the radioactive material into your veins. The radioactive medicine injected into your veins doesn’t have any side effects.

Our technicians will start capturing the images immediately after the injection. The procedure of capturing images will last for only about thirty minutes. We will undertake every effort to keep you comfortable during the scan. We are the best diagnostic centre for conducting parathyroid scan in nuclear medicine in Delhi.

The Prerequisites of Undergoing a Parathyroid Scan

Here are some of the prerequisites for undergoing a parathyroid scan.

  • Documentation of the elevated parathyroid hormone levels
  • The increased urinary excretion of calcium
  • It is essential to offer the case history of the previous parathyroid surgeries

For more details about the parathyroid nuclear scan near me, consult with us.

The Side Effects of a Parathyroid Nuclear Medicine

Usually, a parathyroid scan involving nuclear medicine has minimal side effects. However, very rarely a patient can experience the following conditions:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • A tingling sensation
  • Flushing sensation
  • Rashes

After undergoing the scan, if you experience any type of abnormalities, consult with us immediately. Search with a parathyroid nuclear scan near me to discover our clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can you Eat before Undergoing a Parathyroid Scan?

You can eat and drink before undergoing a parathyroid scan with nuclear medicine.

Q2. Are there any Side Effects of the Radioactive Material Injected?

There are no severe side effects to the radioactive material injected during the scan.

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