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At City X-Ray Clinic, we offer the best stress thallium test price in Delhi. A thallium stress test is a nuclear imaging scan that indicates the rate of blood flow to your heart. During the procedure, we will inject a small amount of radioisotope into your veins.

The radioisotope will flow through your blood and end in your heart. Once the radiation is in your heart, we will detect the radiation with our specialised gamma camera. A stress thallium test allows us to see and assess the blood flow to the heart while you’re exercising.

You may have to undergo a thallium stress test to identify the power of your coronary arteries to supply blood. If you have had heart attacks previously, your cardiologist may order a thallium stress test. Get more details about the stress thallium test price from our centre.

Overview of the Stress Thallium Test near me

The thallium cardiac stress test is one of the major diagnostic procedures ordered by cardiologists. It is also known as a cardiac SPECT test or a nuclear stress test. At City X-Ray Clinic, the thallium stress test involves the usage of radioactive material.

During the procedure, our certified technicians will inject a small amount of radionuclide into your veins. It enters the bloodstream and reaches your cardiac and circulatory systems. Our technicians will scan your heart’s arteries and other crucial structures with the help of gamma cameras.

Besides evaluating the flow of blood to the heart, this test can also analyse the chambers of the heart. Our thallium stress test can recognise the ventricular function of the heart. It can also correctly diagnose the myocardial perfusion of your heart. Search with stress thallium test near me to discover our clinic.

Thallium Stress Test with Exercise at our Centre

In the thallium stress test, our technicians will inject a small dosage of radionuclide into your veins. After the circulation of the radioactive liquid, you will have to run on a treadmill. Note that the treadmill starts slowly and gathers speed. It will simulate walking or running uphill.

During peak exercise, we will inject another dose of the radionuclide. After passing through the bloodstream, the gamma camera will capture more images. In the nuclear stress test, the radionuclide liquid assists in the recognition of blocked or partially blocked arteries. The blocked arteries won’t be able to absorb the radionuclide material.

Thallium Stress Test without Exercise at our Centre

At City X-Ray Clinic, we also offer thallium tests without exercise. Patients with severe arthritis may be unable to pursue the physical activity required in a stress test. If you can’t undergo the nuclear stress test, don’t fret. You may have to undergo the chemical stress test.

In this test, you will receive medications that speed up your heart rate. These medications can also dilate your arteries. Like the stress test, we will inject a small dosage of radionuclide into your blood. Our technicians will use the gamma camera to capture images of the heart.

However, you will have to lie motionless during the scan. It is also known as the rest scan of the heart. We can help the patient to reach the peak heart rate with the help of medications. This phase is also referred to as a stress scan of the heart.

Reasons to Undergo a Stress Thallium Test

You may have to undergo a nuclear stress thallium test because of the following reasons.

  • To analyse the flow pattern of the blood to the heart muscles under stress
  • To diagnose the structural anomalies of the blood vessels
  • To recognise the root cause of recurring chest pain
  • To identify the effectiveness of medicines prescribed to you for cardiac illnesses
  • To diagnose the possibility of heart attacks in the future

Preparing for a Nuclear Cardiac Stress Test at our Clinic- Things to Know

At City X-Ray Clinic, we offer you with complete information on nuclear cardiac stress tests. You will possibly need to fast after midnight before the test. At times, we may recommend you fast four hours before the stress thallium test.

You need to fast as it will help you avoid sickness while running on the treadmill. We always recommend patients to wear comfortable clothes and shoes while exercising on the treadmill. Twenty-four hours before the test, you have to avoid all types of caffeine products.

We may inquire about the type of medications you’re consuming for cardiac illnesses. Get extensive details about nuclear stress test cost by consulting with us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the Purpose of the Nuclear Cardiac Stress Test?

The primary purpose of the cardiac stress test is to determine the flow of blood to your heart.

Q2. Can Stress Test Identify Blockage in the Heart?

A stress test can effectively detect blockage in your heart.

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